I'm Charles Phillips.  I'm a retired civil servant who lives in Stock in Essex.  


This website contains information on history and travel because they are my main interests. 


At the end of 2002 I had a history of Stock published by Ian Henry Publications called The Story of Stock and Buttsbury.  The book is still in print.  I've contributed a lot of  the history pages  to the Stock Village web site.  To see them please  go to www.stock.org.uk  and go into history.  I've got other projects in the pipeline.      


I've also done a fair bit of travelling both on the continent and on this island.  I did it the hard way going by train or ship.  For  the present I've given up on continental travel as I find that there is so much to see in these islands.  There'll be  something on how to travel round this country not using air travel.  


If you need to contact me please e-mail me at charlesphillips@stockvillagehistorian.org.uk