Billericay is Stock's  nearest town.  In view of developments over the year it would be quite true to say that Stock is now a suburb of Billericay rather than a seperate village. The photographs on this page were taken in the last few years.



The Bronze Age Barrow in Norsey Wood is the oldest surviving structure in Billericay. 



Norsey Wood was where the peasants made there last stand in the Great Revolt of 1381.  During the 19th century some workmen carrying out some work in the wood uncovered a ditch that may have been connected with the peasants last stand.


The Red Lion dates back to the 15th century.   It was the place where the manorial courts of the manor of Great Burstead were once held.



The purpose of the deerbank in Norsey Wood, which in medieval times was part of the royal forest,  was to keep the deer in the wood from escaping.



St Mary Magdelen in the High Street was until the building of the Emmanual Church Billericay's parish church.  The church has been rebuilt over the years but the tower is medieval.



This is Great Burstead church, where Christopher Martin of Mayflower fame first made his declaration of being a Puritan.



The Chantry House is across the High Street from St Mary Magdelen church.  The house was once owned by Christopher Martin.   The vicar of Great Burstead, the Rev Pease, was a tenant of Christopher Martin.  The possibility that a dispute between the two was the cause of Christopher Martin's decision to become a Puritan can neither be proven or disproven.